We at, Fun With Science aim at developing the Scientific Vision of the Children of age 4-11. Our main goal is to ignite the spark of endless energy present in these young minds. This spark leaves a life long passion for learning and a desire to find things out for themselves.


Suchi Bansal, the brain and creator of this concept "Fun with Science" is an engineer by education, Chandigarh, India. Having worked in the corporate world for a number of years, the idea to start a science workshop for young children came about when she was looking for after school activities for her own children. "There were lots of art, dance, and music classes but for science and maths there were only regular tuition which no child wants to go to willingly. I wanted education to be fun and share my love of science with children", says Suchi. Started in 2015, the concept of her science workshop is to build an everlasting scientific confidence in children. The workshops allow children to participate hands on with experiments, understand concepts via models, and see science for the magic it is, rather than the boring and fearful subject it is often viewed as. Doing simple experiments with her class has led to her students developing a curious mind and a love for learning. Suchi Bansal has proved that education can be fun, you just need the right motivator !